Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Use Your Camera - Selling Your Work

I just had a real eye opener that helped wise me up a bit.

I have an account at an online photo store called "" I've had the account going on three years and have paid them the premium price of $94.99US per year. If you look at any of my posts in the past couple of years you will see that I reference that site a lot in an attempt to advertise and sell images. So far I've sold one greeting card for 60 cents and one print for $24.99. I checked my accounts at imagekind and at paypal to see if I ever received any money. Well none seems to have made it my way.

In looking at the policy at Imagekind I learned that they won't send any money unless I earn more than $50.00 dollars. After considering this I decided I had a few options to consider. Yes they are the same ones you are thinking about too. But since I am still advertising that site in so many ways, I decided not to close it just yet. I will at the end of this year however. Instead I simply raised the prices on every image in my store by $50 bucks. It's the only way to insure I will be paid. It probably also insures that I will never sell another product from that site. Never-the-less, there is a better option now.

I still encourage you to go to my website at "" to see my images. I have great pictures there and if you want you can buy them as plain prints or framed and matted. There is a better option however. If you find one of my photos that you would like to have, send me an email at and tell me which print and what size you want. I will ask you what media you want your print on and tell you what it will cost to print and ship. If you have a paypal account all you have to do is send your payment to my email address from your account and I will personally print, package and ship a signed print directly to you. If you don't like the product you can return it to me and I will refund your account, less shipping costs.

I can print up to 13x19 inches on my own professional printer. A company I work with in Portland, Oregon handles my prints that are over that size all the way up to wall sizes for your home or business. I also make my own greeting cards, and will make them from any photo in my galleries.


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Photography Tips

Here are a few things you can do to improve your photography that will apply regardless of what camera you use. These are the basics that every photographer should know and do to get reasonably good pictures out of any camera.

Make sure you have a clean lens. Don't just blow the dust off, but use a clean cloth suitable for cleaning lenses and do it right.

Set up so your camera is stable and won't move as you press the shutter. You can do this a number of ways. If you will be handholding the camera, hold your elbows in against your sides, and stand with your feet apart with one slightly forward of the other. You can also lean against a solid object like a light pole, tree, building or whatever. The best method though is to use a tripod or monopod. I have both but I like to carry the tripod best. If I want to use it as a monopod I just extend only one leg and us it as I would a monopod. I'll add instructions about to how to use these tools later.

Finally the "First" basic thing you need to do is read your manual and learn what all the parts of your camera are for and how to use them. If you understand how your meter works and what white balence is you'll go a long way to getting that shot you want when the light is wierd and you are wondering why your pictures are all dark or yellow instead of like what you saw on the monitor or in the viewfinder.

I'll expand on all these topics in the coming weeks and months so you'll want to check back and see what I've added from time to time.